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Bangkok, Thailand - 03 Dec to 05 Dec 2014

Day 1 - 03 Dec 2014

Usually I will take budget airlines to Bangkok.  It is only 2 hours from Singapore to Bangkok. 
However, due to the Dec school holidays, air fare is really high.  We took a package from Groupon and engage a travel agent to help us with the air ticket.  We compared the price and Groupon seems cheaper.  It's about SGD 450 due to holiday season.

We took Cathay Pacific with on-board lunch.  I took pasta with seafood.  Taste  is not bad for in-flight meal.  I cannot expect high standard for it.  The entertainment is kinda of limited and outdated.  We arrive at the airport around 5pm local time. 

Given the airport link which brings you directly to the city, we took train which takes about 30mins from airport to Rachaprarope station where my hotel was located (Baiyoke Sky Hotel).  

Its a 5 mins walk from the station to the hotel (back door).
I usually stay in this hotel because of convenience.
My favorite Pratunam morning & night market is just downstairs. 
Platinum Mall is just 10 mins walk but you need to pass through a small and narrow path with lots of people.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel 

Picture of the hotel room

View from my room

This area has everything under the sun which includes apparels, food, street food etc.
If you would like to shop within Pratunam area, you can book some nice hotels like Amari watergate, Baiyoke sky hotel, Baiyoke suite (3 star hotel - Cheaper than Baiyoke Sky).

Platinum mall

We had our dinner at Platinum mall food court.  Its located at the last level of the mall.  You will need to get a card with value inside. It depends how much you would like to put into the card.  2 person will usually be 150 baht to 200 baht.  It depends on how many dishes you order.

After which, we went to their night market.  
Their night market was really vibrant.  Food, apparels, shoes, bag etc can be found. 

You will find many street foods.
Here are some items you should try.
  1. BBQ chicken wings
  2. BBQ satay chicken on a stick
  3. Fried chicken 
  4. Freshly squeeze Promegranade juice 
  5. Freshly squeeze Tamarine juice (What I feel is that they will add sugar to make it sweet)
  6. Fresh cut mango
  7. Fresh pomelo
My Shopping For The Day...

Late at night, we went up to the rooftop bar in Baiyoke sky to chillax...

It's a sky view from the top.

Day 2 - 04 Dec 2014

Getting around Bangkok can be easy.  
Bangkok has 2 lines (the airport link & the BTS).  
For the airport link, just purchase the single train pass via the machine.  

For the BTS, I suggest you get a permanent  train passes so that you do not need to keep going to the machine to get single entry.  There will be long queue.


How to get there
Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) - National Stadium station; also within walking distance of the BTS Siam station. 
Taxi – Just say “MBK” .Khlong Saen Saeb - Hua Chang pier is within walking distance.Normal Bus No. 15 ,25 ,29 ,34 ,36 ,47 ,48 ,50 ,73 ,93 ,204 Air Conditioned Bus No. 8 ,25 ,28 ,29 ,34 ,73 ,501 ,502 

Look out for 199 baht bag... 
All the bags in the shop are priced at 199 baht.  
It's super cheap. It's at level 3.  
Walk around and you will see the 199 baht sign.

The famous Naraya is at the basement.  
Selections changes depending on the season.  
Currently now they are selling the Chinese New Year designs in Red.

The things there are not cheap.
They sell mostly branded products.

Erawan Shrine
It is a famous shrine and it is said that when you wish for something, it will come true.
When it does come true, you need to go back to this shrine for pay back.
You can give some cash and request the dancers to dance for the 4 face Buddha.

How to get to Central world
Take the Bangkok Skytrain and drop at Chitlom Station

Siam Paragon
The things there are not cheap.
They sell mostly branded products.

Siam Square - Night Market
I just love night markets.  They don't only sell clothes, they do sell food, accessories, souvenirs etc.  The prices are cheaper than shopping malls.

Some of the shops are open during the day but most shops tend to stay open well into the night as well.  Most shops are closed on Mondays but are available all other days of the week and are open until around midnight.

How to get there
Opposite across Rama I Road are Siam Paragon and Siam Center/Siam Discovery Center, which can be reached via the Bangkok Skytrain’s Siam station, as well as a pedestrian bridge.

My Shopping For The Day...

Day 3 - 05 Dec 2014

Platinum Mall

It is like wholesale shopping mall.  
They usually sell wholesale price where you need to get 3 pieces either the same design or you can mix.  You will need to check with the buyer as it varies according to different shop.  They also do sell per piece which is usually about 50  baht more than the wholesale price.

We had Fuji Japanese food for lunch.  There are many outlet.
It seems that it is very famous in Bangkok.

In the evening, we visited Asiaque.
This is a new tourist attraction. You can take a taxi or a shuttle boat to the location.  
The boat is highly recommended.

How to get there

If you want to take a taxi, please expect traffic jams.

Take a train to Sapa Thaksin via BTS.  Once you are at the station, follow the sign to the jetty.  
It's is only a 2 mins walk.  
Please expect a long queue of people who will also be taking the free shuttle boat to the location.
It is about 10-15mins boat ride and you will reach another side.  Beautiful restaurants, pubs and cafes can be found.  There are also some shops that sells designer products and local Thailand products.

This is the pier.

The boat look like this.

As this is a tourist attraction, the price is steep.  My hubby and I had our dinner at this beautiful place call 'Capri'.  They serve nice fusion food.  I ordered a seafood mix platter and the signature Capri drink.  Our total bill for 2 person is about SGD 100.  This price is not cheap.  It's like tourist price.

The Dinner Place - Capri

Day 4 - 06 Dec 2014

Today is my last day in Bangkok so i can't go too far away from my hotel.

We went to have Thailand famous SOM TAM.
SOM TAM means salad...

Address : 
989, Siam Center, 4th Floor, Rama 1 Road, Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330Thailand

Hmm... The food is delicious & super spicy but there is a long waiting time.

After having lunch, we took a taxi from the hotel to the airport.
After a 2 hours flight, we arrive back to Singapore.

Home Sweet Home !!!

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