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Phuket - 26 June 2015 to 29 June 2015

Depart Singapore via Tiger Airways which cost me SGD 179. We touch down at 11.35am Thailand time.  We booked the airport pickup.  The driver (Kao) from Club Bamboo Resort was really nice.  We asked him on where to go.  I wanted to visit the tiger kingdom so the driver (Kao) said that since it is on the way to the hotel and the check in time is 2pm then we will visit the Tiger Kingdom since it is on the way.  We all agreed. 

Day 1 - 26 June 2015

Tiger Kingdom

Here we are at the Tiger Kingdom after 45 mins of drive.

As you can see from their fur, it seems that they are well taken care.
I choose the full package to see all the tigers.  
From the smallest to the biggest which cost me THB 3400.

We had lunch first before we proceed to enter the tiger kingdom.
The food is quite ok, not fantastic but enough to fill you hungry tummy.

It's a really close encounter with the tigers.
You can even hold it's tail :)

After visiting tigers of all sizes, our driver (Kao) waited for us to pick us to the resort.

Club Bamboo Resort

After we came back from the Tiger Kingdom which was 15mins away from our resort, we checked in at 3.30pm Thailand time.  Hmm I must say, the price of this resort is super cheap.  It's SGD 14 per night.  It's unbelievable.  Since it is so cheap, it only provides basic needs.  Free coffee, tea, 2 bottles of drinking water, wifi in room, shampoo and body wash.  It is really the basics. 

There is a bathtub in the hotel but it somehow has those rusty screw marks.  The kettle cannot be used too as the heating coil is rusty.

The resorts has a decent bed. 

We paid THB 1300 for the pick up (Divided among 4 person) and an additional  THB 200 to the driver (Kao).

After settling in, we went for a swim at the resort swimming pool.

At 6pm Thailand time, we walked to Patong Beach area from our resort.  
It's far and almost take us 30 mins walk from our resort to Patong. 

Malin Plaza

On the way, we pass by Malin Plaza and had our dinner there.  
There are many little street stalls there. 
There are not many stores but it is enough for you to find local Thai food :)

After dinner, we proceed on the Patong Beach.  That stretch of street has many shops, pub and club.  The things are not cheap so you need to bargain.

There is a little street stall selling insects.  It is a local delicacy.  We decided to be adventurous and ask the stall owner on which is the popular ones.  She mentioned it's grasshopper and ants so we bought 2 of them to try.  Initially, we feel disgusting.  After trying, oh my god, it's delicious.  I dont like the ants as it is too small.  The grasshopper is nice.  It's worth a try.

The Grasshopper

The Ants

Along the Patong beach road, you can see many eating places, you can try one of them for dinner.  However, remember to ask for the price before ordering.  Some fishes are classified as rare and will cost a bomb when the bill arrive.

We went to shop for souvenirs at the Jungcelyon shopping mall.  Things are not cheap there so not advisable to buy from there.  However, you can get handmade soap there via the push cart.  The price is reasonable.  I brought some soap at THB 50 per piece which is SGD 2. 

After buying the soap, we proceed to Big C, their local supermarket which is in Jungceylon shopping mall.  Some of the items are super cheap.  Like Halls sweet is THB 10, which is SGD  40 cents.  I bought many stuffs ranging from facial product to food.  After shopping, we took a tuk tuk back to our resort.

Day 2 - 27 June 2015
On day 1, we booked the driver from the pickup at THB 1500 for a day will 5pm Thailand time.  
We decided on the following places:-

Elephant Trekking
We arrived at the place and saw this cute little one eating.

We paid THB 900 for a 30 mins ride.

After the elephant trekking, we proceed to the Chalong Temple.  
There are many local people there.  When I arrived, they were burning fire crackers.

Chalong Temple

Details of the temple below

You will need to dress appropriately when you visit the temple.  No shorts or sleeveless.
Taking a car there is much convenient.

We followed the locals and took some joss stick to pay our respect.
I place a THB 20 into a box.  It is voluntary.

They burned the fire crackers in this cone shape thing.

We went to this temple.  
You can climb to level 3 to enjoy the view from there.

Inside the temple - level 1

Inside the temple - level 2

Inside the temple - level 3

Look carefully and you will see an image of the Buddha inside.

We had lunch at this place where our driver introduced us.
It is for tourist so the price is slightly higher.  
This was not what we wanted but since he brought us here, we have no choice.

Phuket weekend market
We request the driver to drive us to the weekend market.  However, the driver insist to drive us to the weekend night market at 4pm.  I think he wants to be off from work lolx.  Haix... So we went there and it was empty.  It is a night market so it should be open at night.  We did a 30 mins scan and left the place.


My cousin wanted to have a massage so we ask the driver to bring us there.  He brought us to a place but it's super expensive.  When I looked at the price, it's like THB 3500 (SGD 140) for a normal massage.  We rejected and left the place.

Nice place for massage right?  But the price is scary !

In the end, we went back to the resort and just paid the driver.
After which, we looked around and found a cheap massage place and we paid THB 250 only.

Phuket weekend market

Since it is is a night market, we took a tuk tuk at THB 500 to the weekend night market.
It is only open on weekend.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It is more happening at night !

And you can find many street food !  Clothes ! Shoes ! etc

Thai Fish Cake

Bubble Tea

We bought a lot food and brought it back to enjoy eating in an aircon room.  We took a tuk tuk back at THB 500 :)

Day 3 - 28 June 2015

Phi Phi Island

I booked a full day trip to the following places below.
I booked it from Phuket Dive Tour.  The person who I contacted was David Hall.
He is really fast in his reply.  Great service !

We left the harbour out to sea in this boat !
They do not want us to kill the corals so all shoes was taken away from us.

1st Stop - Phi Phi Lei

We did some snorkeling.
We are not allowed to to swim to the island as a THB 400 will be charged when you touch the island.
Haha... so our tour guide mentioned that it is not worth it.

2nd Stop - Viking cave

They do not allow tourist to visit this cave as it is used for harvesting bird nest.

3rd Stop - Lunch

We had lunch at this little island out of no-where.

4th Stop - Monkey beach

2 mins from the island, we proceed to the Monkey Cave.
These monkeys are free-roam and can be really aggressive.
In addition, they do bite too.  It is not recommended to go too near it.

Someone from the boat brought some bread for these monkeys,
These monkeys fight over the food too.

They do drink coke too.

5th Stop - Mosquito Island

We proceed to the mosquito island.

It is just a beach.
However, monkeys can be seen there.

You can also see dead jellyfishes washed up the shore.

6th Stop - Bamboo island

Lastly, we proceeded to the bamboo island.  It is a really a small island with nothing.
You can choose to swim within the shallow water.  The place is fill with rocks.
It is not recommended to snorkel.

After the bamboo island, the sky went dark and started to rain.  The water became really rough.
We took about an hour to reach land.

In addition, when we arrive, the crew will start selling you pictures at THB 100.
I bought 1 for myself too.

We proceed back to the resort for a bath and went out to have our dinner.
We decided to have a seafood dinner.

While walking from our resort, we came across this street stall that sells seafood.
We decided to just eat it as we were super hungry.

Live Oyster
If you do not have a good stomach, please DO NOT eat it.
My brother and I each had one and we were down with food poisoning.
We suspected it's the oysters.

We had crab too.  In Thai Style !

Kang Kong In Thai Style

After eating dinner, we took a walk to Banzaan night market.
This night market is just behind Jungceylon Shopping Mall.

We had BBQ seafood

We packed food back to our resort to feast again.
We took a tuk tuk back at THB 200.

Day 4 - 29 June 2015

We checked out at 11am and on Day 1, I brought my towel to my cousin room to bathe.  As such, I left my towel in my cousin's room.  The  housekeeping cleared my cousin's room and replaced 2 towels which is suppose to be 3 towels.  I explained to the resort which I think is the lady boss, she simply just charge me THB 350 (SGD 13).  I have no choice but to pay for it.  
Patong Area - Jungceylon Shopping Mall & Big C

We did our last minute shopping at Big C which is their local supermarket.
I bought many items from cosmetics to food.

After shopping, we proceed back to the resort via tuk tuk and took the airport pickup which cost us THB 1300 (SGD 52) to the airport.  We buffer 1.5 hours to the airport, in case of traffic jam.

Hmm... In my opinion, the resort is not flexible and charged me for the towel.  In addition, It takes us like 30 mins to walk there.  I would rather get somewhere nearer to Patong.  Most of the time we took the tuk tuk or taxi which cost us THB 200 per way from Patong.

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